Pedronel One Cybersecurity Perimeter


Connecting any strategic infrastructure to the Internet makes it vulnerable to security threats.

PEDRONEL ONE enhances cybersecurity by:

  • Defining a secure perimeter by isolating OT from IT zones
  • Providing a strict one-way communication from the Power Plant to a designated location
  • Making it physically impossible to get unauthorised connections
  • Using strict and controlled access to the system via Active Directory authentication
  • Eliminating the risk of hackers taking control of the Power Plant

We have compiled the main activities for creating a secure environment on the Cybersecurity Handbook.

Data Diode Pedronel One


PEDRONEL ONE supports protocols like Siemens TXP/T2000, Siemens T3000, Various ABB Systems, Alspa, GE, OPC DA; OPC UA, Modbus, IEC 104 and many more.

PEDRONEL ONE establishes the cybersecurity perimeter out of a single box with key components:

  • Data collection device
  • Transmitting & Receiving data diode
  • Data presentation device
  • Revolutionary Historian with access to unlimited data points
  • Similar to SCADA system: gathers, archives, monitors & visualises data
  • Mobile notifications to stay informed about changes on status
Pedronel One with unlimited tags

Out of the Box

PEDRONEL ONE makes your power plant data accessible in a safe and modern way so it can be visualised, analysed and presented in a digestible format.

We have created this out of the box solution for an installation without the headaches. Included in the box are:

  • Protection for data transmission against cyber threats
  • Mobile notifications to stay on top of what’s going on in your Power Plant
  • Revolutionary Historian to search your entire archive in seconds
  • Modern interface that works across devices
  • Unlimited data points included, no more tag restrictions
  • Web based applications that don’t require software installation
  • Disruptive payment model with a one-time fee, allowing you to save money without compromising on expertise

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