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A Historian like you’ve never seen before

Our revolutionary Historian goes beyond data storage, management, reporting and analysis. With state-of-the-art dashboards you get much more than raw data, you get information.

Gain a full view of your power plant with less effort, providing actionable insights so you can make better decisions faster.

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Historian Dashboards - Root Cause Analysis

The web based application allows for a seamless experience across devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones and video walls.

Our Historian provides a modern interface with a perpetual license included and without the need of software installation. Historian App available for download on the App Store.

Dashboard with state of the art visualisation for Power Plants

Unlimited Tags. Yes, Unlimited.

Our disruptive model provides all of the process data points or tags you need. All of the tags are available for you to use at no extra cost, say goodbye to licensing fees for data points.

We dare to find solutions where others don’t venture so we have created a unique one-time fee that will save you money without compromising on expertise.

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